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Fuel system cleaning services provide excellent benefits to your vehicle. From maximizing fuel economy to reduced vehicle emissions, a clean fuel system restores performance and improves drivability. Select the Fuel Service Package that best fits your needs and Save Gas Now.

M&J Oil & Lube 2-Step Fuel Induction Service Package

Our 2-Step Fuel Service Package includes a fuel and induction system cleaning created to help restore performance and mileage, reduce vehicular emissions and improve drivability. Between the elimination of knocks and pings and the added value of fuel and induction system cleaner, stepping up is a no brainer!

  • Injector throttle body service, including cleaning and adjusting throttle components, when necessary
  • Restoration of smooth idle and acceleration
  • In-Tank Fuel System cleaner
  • Fuel Induction system cleaning
  • Elimination of engine knocks, pings and hard starts
  • Visual inspection of fuel lines
  • Reduction of engine hesitation and rough idle
  • Concentrated fuel injector cleaner designed to deliver excellent results