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Tire Rotations

Reason for Tire Rotation. Regular tire rotation is a simple but essential part of vehicle maintenance. Properly rotating your car's tires can help them last longer, increase your fuel mileage and maintain your vehicle's performance.


Tire rotation helps ensure that your vehicle's tires wear evenly. Without rotation, the front tires will wear out faster than the rear ones.

Time Frame

Tires should be rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Rotating your tires every other oil change is an easy way to keep track of your vehicle's maintenance. If you don't rotate your tires frequently enough, tire rotation won't be effective.

At M&J Oil And Lube, we firmly believe that changing your oil is a necessity, not a luxury. So if your car is due for an oil change, come to our auto center in Sayre, PA to have your vehicle serviced.

Gas Mileage

Tire rotation increases gas mileage. Uneven tire wear leads to friction, which lowers fuel mileage.


Tire rotation improves your vehicle's handling and performance. Equally worn tires respond more quickly to driver input.


The right tires for your vehicle are here

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Several brands available such as. Cooper, Michelin, Hankook and Good Year.