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A transmission flush is a process that clears old fluid from the transmission of a motor vehicle and replaces it with new fluid. This process also helps to remove residue from the converters, coolers and cooler lines. There is some difference of opinion about whether transmission flushes are necessary. Some people say that conducting regular transmission flushes will enhance the function and extend the life of the vehicle's transmission. Others say that transmission flushes are unnecessary and can damage the vehicle's transmission valves and seals.

Keep Your Transmission Running Smoothly

With a transmission flush, more of the old fluid is removed, and the overall transmission system is cleansed. This means that there is less residue to contaminate and weaken the new fluid. In some cases, a special transmission flush fluid is used to help clean the system before the new transmission fluid is added. The presence of fresh transmission fluid means that less stress is placed on the transmission itself, which can prolong the life of the transmission.

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